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NO-OX®- No oxidation.

New generation KCT®- tempered saftey glass windows

Installed by leading manufacturers of special use and  expedition vehicles vehicles. Even extreme conditions are not a problem for our KCT-windows. They provide protection and comfort for all customer demands every mile.

No Oxidation. Never. NO-OX®
Saltwater proof fittings made out of stainless steel, aluminium and carbon protect against oxidation.
Year-round operation of the vehicles in salty winter strees or standing in the spray of the ocean? No problem with

Matching accessories:

Additional protection offered by our newly developed  KCT-armor plate.

KCT places great importance on individual customer support.

All KCT-windows are manufactured according to customer requirements. Due to individual requests and custom-built windows, we are also able to meet unusual customer requirements.

Frequently asked questions:

Where can I buy KCT windows?

In addition to specialised trades, you also can buy KCT windows from the leading manufacturers of exclusive expedition vehicles. This manufacturers will provide installation services for you. KCT- Service partners

What is the current price?

Due to custom-built windows with different options,  it´s generally not possible to provide standard pricing. Please kindly contact with one of our local retailers in order to get a quotation.

Do the windows withstand very rigorous demands?

Yes, of course. Due to the special construction you can enjoy all the advantages of an insulating glass window during travelling. The key benefits are thermal insulation and protection against burglary.
Our windows and portholes have the official approval and standardization for road service, and were marked with the test mark E1.
The windows were tested in a pressure chamber up to 11,000 meters and verified sufficient reserves of strength to cope with each pass summit in the world. To calculate the demand for heating please use the thermal transmission coefficient of 1.2 ug.

KCT-windows are on the road in various different regional climates – some in extreme circumstances.

Is do-it-yourself installation possible?

We recommend the installation by our experienced retailers.

Do you have interest in finest technology?

For more information and technical details see our catalogue. For prices and installation costs, please contact our retailers.

By the way:

Also inboard a feast for the eyes: The  NO-OX®.

Fine – strong

- Steel reinforcements
- Fittings made out of stainless steel
- EPDM sealings
- Variable cover section
- Infinitely variable opening and one-hand operation with notch in end position.

Our armor plates provide additional protection.


Paintable to your custom colour, the KCT window fits seamlessly.

Qualified for high altitudes

With our KCT-tempered safety glass windows, you can cope with each pass summit around the world with confidence. There are always sufficient reserves of strength, they are tested up to 11,000 meters.
For more information and technical details see our catalogue. For prices and installation costs please contact our retailers.