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At long last – an insect screen that works perfectly.

We have it – the perfect insect screen. Perfect in every detail – retrofitting possible.

Installation together with the KCT-windows – directly mounted on the window frame.
The retrofitting for other window brands is almost as easy. Just screw the insect screen frame on the internal wall, and immediately you will get the perfect insect screen and sunshade.

The experts are enthusiastic about the technical details. To kill two birds with one stone. Sun shade and insect screen together in only one blind – easily operated by one hand.
The double magnetic locks ensure a secure locking of the two blinds. The blinds are capsuled and absolutely tight against mosquitos. Optionally we offer fine-mesh materials against blackflies and pollen.

Is do-it-yourself assembling possible?

Yes, of course. With some technical skills also the retrofitting onto windows from other manufacturers is no problem.

Construction details:
All the blinds are custom-built and made to measure. You, our customer can select between 4 different fabrics and their position in the frame.
Beside the insect screen with its permeable to air mosquito-mesh and the close-meshed glass fibre net against blackflies and pollen, we offer two sun protection fabrics. One fabric for a blackout roller blind and one for a translucent one.

The different fabrics can be installed on top, bottom or on the sides.

The KCT-ISR can be mounted on regular vehicle windows, roof lights or doors. It may have a size of more than 2m.

For more information and technical details see our catalogue. For prices and installation costs please contact our retailers.

Perfect for retrofitting
Many experts agree: the KCT-insect screen is the leading product on the market.

Two blind-systems are integrated in the frame which is capsuled and therefore absolutely tight.
Robust for handling, but also precise with easy one-hand-operation.

Easy installation

The KCT-insect-screen frame can be closed half to meet in the middle - providing both insect screen and sun shade at the same time. The sun protection fabric and accordingly the insect screen fabric can be installed on either top, bottom, or on the sides.

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