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The KCT-truck

The Project:

For testing and presenting purposes of their own products, KCT built a company-owned motorhome on the basis of a Mercedes Benz LU1921.

Its main aim is to test and present the KCT-products. The best way to realize this is to present an innovative motorhome, which is special itself. For this reason the “MAN Standard Allroud” has been abandoned in favour of the Mercedes Benz LU1921.


The KCT-truck is made for highway and off-road-use. The off-road-use of the truck is limited because of its base frame. Important for us is above all a long range combined with self-sufficiency and enough room for a 4-person-familiy and option for an overnight guest.

Interior view as spherical panorama.

Keywords out of the functional specification:

Eyecatcher for presentation of the products
Large body but agile chassis
Maintenance friendly construction
Family-worthy – 4 persons – 1 overnight guest
Off-road use but not dunes and stone quarry
Comfortable in every respect
Plentiful room
Small, agile chassis with max. 3.6m wheelbase
Max. 12 t (no motorway toll)
Trailer mode with a 3,5t trailer
Best roadability and cornering ability
Optimum motor speed and low fuel consumption with an average speed of 85 to 95 km/hour
Autonomously over long distances

Technical data:

dimensions truck:
length/width/height: 7.50m x 2.52m x 3.75m
dimensions body:
length/width/height: 7.50m x 2.52m x 2.40m
body bearing: plate spring
seats: 4 seats in the driving cab side by side
4 beds + 1 great sofa bed
Engine: OM 366, 6 cylinder in-line engine with turbocharged intercooler EUR 2, designed as mid-engine
Power: 240 hp
Top speed: 130 km/h
Automatic transmission with engine break
Drive: rear wheel drive with differential lock, Anti-slip regulation and spin chains, no 4-wheel-drive
Weight: ready to leave 10 t, towing capacity: 3,5 t
Consumption: 22 l/100 km
Diesel tank: 1100 l (300l and 800l) range: 5000 km
Fresh-water tank: 470 litre, waste water tank: 270 litre
Battery capacity: 300 ampere hours at 24 V voltage
Solar power: 360 watt monocrystalline
Insulation: 60mm sandwich wall

Overall view

The large/small specials:

A large volume body with 7,5m length based on a highly agile and easy to handle chassis with 4 seats in the cab. The standard interpretation for a body with 7.5m would be a 3-axle-chassis with double cab. Total length 10,4m.

Due to its mid-engine another convenient feature results: a very quiet cab. Here “unprocessed” without body.

Precision in detail.

ISR with handrail

KCT-products installed in the motorhome:
- 1 Gas-Ceran- Cooker
- 2 Doors with SysLock
- 3 Storage doors with SysLock
- 4 Portholes
- 7 Windows
- 13 Roller blinds