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Well-rounded the KCT-porthole

The new product from KCT. In addition to our etablished KCT-windows we developed the KCT-porthole.

The porthole is a fixed glazing which cannot be opened. The frame is made of brushed stainless steel.

The glazing consist of 2 safety glass panes, which were processed with special spacers to a insulating glass pane.

To increase the insulation the inside pane is equipped with a special thermal coating. This coating reflects the thermal radiation back to the inside of the motorhome. To achive additional insulation the pane interstice is filled with rare gas.

All the coatings are safely imbedded in the interstice of the glazing and interact only with long-wave thermal radiation. The short-wave light can still pass into your motorhome.

Flat thing  - the KCT-porthole
It is installed in a 60mm wall with a 2mm reveal on the inside and outside.


Like the KCT-window frame the stainless steel-frame of the porthole is also paintable to custom colour and fits seamlessly.

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