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KCT door seal

with reinforced glue back.

This seal is especially designed for doors with GRP (glass reinforced plastic) step profiles, which are used in expedition vehicles production.

This KCT seal has such an adhesive back, that will be durable and almost inextricably connected with the underground. For subsequent removal of the seal mechanical tool is needed.

In addition to first equipment you can also replace old leaking seals, which almost have been screwed. Due to the glue back the KCT seal is easily to install.

Our door seal affixes to almost all smooth surfaces, such as GRP, paint, metal, etc..
A surface free of dust and grease is required.

Please do not hesitate to ask for samples to make adhesion tests.

How to install:
- remove old seal
- degrease underground
- apply seal
- remove plastic film
- press on seal


Stainless steel and glass the KCT-porthole.
The round version of the established KCT-window.

KCT-components on the road